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The primary mission of the Board of Directors is to set policy and provide strategic direction for Rental Housing Association’s Staff. RHA’s Board is a “working board”, which is means that Board Members are actively engaged in the activities of the Association; at the Board, Committee and Membership levels.

Role of the Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors establishes policies and provides adequate resources so that RHA can achieve its goals and objectives. The Board creates policies by consulting with and receiving input from the professional staff, and by engaging in appropriate discussion and debate.

  • The Board of Directors monitors progress of RHA and plans for the future.

  • The Board of Directors is responsible for the accurate accounting and reporting of the financial state of RHA.

  • The Board of Directors looks for and grooms the future leaders of RHA.

What is the composition of RHA’s Board?

RHA’s Board includes no less than 11 voting members and no more than 18 voting members. This includes 5 officers (President, Past President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and at least 6 Directors, which may include 2 at-large positions appointed by the Board President. The officers are elected from the current Directors at the last Board meeting of the year for the following year.

Board Characteristics and Obligations

All Board Members should have the following characteristics and be willing to commit to:
  • Exude the highest personal and professional ethics, integrity and values

  • Possess a Broad-based skills and experience in the rental housing industry

  • Willingness to devote sufficient time to become knowledgeable about RHA's business and to carry out his or her duties and responsibilities effectively

  • Attendance at all Board meetings.

  • Service on a RHA committee.

  • Attendance to as many membership meetings and Association social events as possible.

  • Ability to be a goodwill ambassador for RHA and promote membership and event attendance to others in the rental housing industry.

The Board values and promotes consensus, cooperation and participation. They make it a point to honor different viewpoints. Each director is accountable to the membership and not to any particular segment or interest group of the membership.

What’s in it for me?

As a leader on the RHA Board, your role is to serve your profession and rental housing industry; however, we hope that you are also doing it for you. Each Board member is encouraged to have at least one “selfish” reason for servingnon the Board. Perhaps your reason is personal or skills development, or access to ideas and information, or networking and personal contact. You’ll be a better Board member – and more thoroughly enjoy your term in office – if you do it for yourself as well as for RHA.