Get Actively Involved!

One of the greatest things about belonging to an Association is that you have the opportunity to get actively involved by participating on a committee. By volunteering your time on a committee, you are helping to shape RHAWA’s direction and ensuring that we continue to provide quality products and services to our membership. Most everything you see happening in and around the association started at the committee level in some shape or form. The best part? We have a committee for a variety of interests, most of which require a very minimal time commitment. Work alongside industry peers to help the association achieve its objectives! To learn more about our committees or to get involved contact us.

Below is a list of RHA's standing committees:

  • Budget & Finance
    Mission: To act in place and stead for the Board on matters specifically regarding the fiduciary responsibility of RHA and Washington nonprofit corporation law.

  • Education
    Mission: To ensure RHA is the premier education provider in the rental housing industry by assisting in the planning of seminars and other RHA events. To recommend to the Board of Directors programs that will recruit and retain members.

  • Legislative Committee
    Mission: To ensure RHAWA actively promotes the interests of the rental housing industry to state, county and local legislative bodies. Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding legislative policy.

  • Political Action Committee (PAC)
    To determine which candidates for state, county and local offices receive an endorsement from the PAC based on their support of the rental housing industry, as well as positions on ballot initiatives which impact the rental housing industry. To raise funds for the PAC.

  • Current
    Mission: To serve as a source of information for rental housing providers in Washington State presenting news about the rental housing industry, consults with the RHA Staff concerning editorial policy, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors related to the needs and adequacy of Current.