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Protecting the Rental Housing Industry for Over 80 Years!

Today, we are in an era of high litigation, and RHAWA continues a tradition of initiating, defending, and intervening in litigation where legal issues are of substantial significance to the rental housing industry occur.

RHAWA’s Legal Defense Fund is Washington State’s premier rental housing legal defense fund fighting to fortify the rental housing industry. It exists to protect rental housing provider interests, and defend the gains and protections won by the industry.

To date, RHAWA’s Legal Defense Fund has been key in the following cases:

  • McCready / Margola (Seattle’s Mandatory Inspection / Rental Housing Fee program), ordinance passed in 1989; lawsuit settled in 1996.

  • Mukilteo’s Rental Housing Per Unit Fee Program, ordinance passed in 1997, overturned by the State Supreme Court in 1999.

  • Kenewick Ambulance Tax (amicus brief), ordinance passed in 2000, overturned by the State Supreme Court in 2004.

  • Pasco Mandatory Inspection program (amicus brief), ordinance passed in 1997; State Supreme Court upheld this program 5 - 4.

  • Des Moines Crime Free Rental Housing Ordinance, City of Des Moines settled with RHAWA and brought its program in to conformance with new State law.

It takes considerable skill, financial resources, and dedication of our members to challenge legal rulings and ordinances which threaten the rental housing industry. If you believe that protecting the rental housing industry is essential to RHAWA please consider sending a contribution to the Legal Defense Fund.

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