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Washington State's Leading Rental Housing Industry PAC

As representatives of the rental housing industry we know the importance of having your voice heard in Olympia, and at local governments across the State.

Every day new proposals are made affecting our industry, from mandatory rental housing inspections, attempts to restrict access to public records used in tenant screening reports, to attempts to implement rent control. The RHA PAC was established to support pro-housing candidates and initiatives in Washington State which protect your interests as a rental housing provider.

Committee Meeting Dates:
Meets at the call of the Chair

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Contributing to the RHA PAC means you understand the necessity of maintaining a strong voice at the state and local level. PAC contributions support the political campaigns of RHA-endorsed candidates. The RHA PAC is non-partisan and supports both sides of the aisle. Membership dues do not fund the PAC - all contributions are voluntary.

Please, contribute to the RHA PAC online today - or by check: RHA PAC - PO Box 9113, Seattle, WA 98109