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The Rental Housing Association - Superior to Any Other in the Industry...

The Rental Housing Association is proud to provide you with all the tools you will need to run your rental business effectively and smoothly. We are here every step of the way to make renting your properties the easiest and most cost effective as possible.

RHA's Complete Product & Services Offerings

Rental Forms | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA

Rental Forms
RHA’s rental forms and contracts are designed specifically for Washington State users. We work hard to ensure every form we have is in compliance with all federal, state and city laws, meeting regularly to discuss ways to improve upon our current offerings and to create new forms as the market has a need. With over 80 different forms to choose from, we make it easy! Members receive online access to all of RHA's forms. We think you will find our rental forms alone are worth your membership.

Tenant Screening | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA

Tenant Screening
Tenant Screening may be the most important step in owning rental property. By properly screening your applicants, you can save yourself time and expense in the long run. RHA is proud to offer two different types of tenant screening reports for you to choose from at a very competitive rate. We offer a condensed version, providing just a credit decision, as well as a full detailed credit report. You will find that we have a plethora of additional screening products to choose from as well including: criminal and eviction records searches, employment verifications, previous address history reports, landlord verifications, skip traces and much, much more.
*Additional fees may be associated with this service. Certification is required to obtain any credit information per FCRA and credit bureau compliance.

Education | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA

The Rental Housing Association is the premier education provider for the rental housing industry. We offer a multitude of seminars taught by skilled and knowledgeable instructors that will help you learn the tricks and tips to being a good and responsible landlord. From topics such as Washington Landlord-Tenant Law and the Move-In Process to Landlord 101 and Bookkeeping Basics, we have something for everyone. Check out our online event calendar to see for yourself!
*Additional fees may be associated with this service.

Network Events | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA

Networking Events
It’s amazing how much you can learn from your peers. We offer many different options to meet and greet fellow members. We have information get-togethers such as our monthly Supper Clubs as well as more formal social gathering like our Holiday Gala. Shake hands with fellow owners, managers and vendors. You may be surprised what you can pick up!
*Additional fees may be associated with this service.

Publications | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA

RHA Publications
Knowledge is power, right? Look no further for relevant industry information, as RHA has you covered. Every month, we publish a quality newspaper containing information on the current market, changes in laws, maintenance tips, best practice information and much more. In addition, we will communicate with you via email any call to action or relevant industry news. If you are looking for a quality and skilled vendor – you need only RHA’s Resource Directory.

Store | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA

RHA Product Store
Visit our online store to see if there something you can’t live without. Here you will find our lawbook and other collections that will help you along the way.

RHA Partners

While we try to provide all the things you would need as a housing provider, we understand we can’t do it all. That’s why we have partnered with other service providers to bring you what you are looking for! Find credit card processors and a 401k program with us!