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A Consumer-Friendly Solution

RHA in collaboration with Moco Incorporated is pleased to offer® (MSR), the industry’s first applicant initiated and inherently portable tenant screening service. MSR streamlines the application process by providing you with the tools necessary to authenticate one another, order and share reports, all from your MSR dashboard.


Why Use


  • It’s EASY!
  • No fees, paperwork or site inspections
  • No cost to the landlord
  • Quality – The most complete and accurate reports available
  • Security – Direct (secure) access to completed reports
  • Compliance – End-user authentication & certification


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How it Works

Click “Sign Up” to create your account – confirm your identity and intended use of the product (permissible purpose) – as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Select the “Invite Applicant” button on your MSR dashboard to email an invitation to your prospective tenant. The applicant is authenticated (confirms their identity), creates an account, and submits their application and the applicable screening fee. Applicant is notified via email when the report is complete – logs on to view and then “share” their report with you directly via


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Portability tenant screening reports may be shared with one or more landlords (via MSR’s secure system) for 30 days from the report completion date – for which there is no additional charge. Credit is pulled each time the report is shared – ensuring the landlord is looking at the most current data available. MSR credit inquiries are soft – meaning they do not impact the applicant’s credit score.


View Comprehensive SAMPLE REPORT

Note: Tenant screening reports are processed by Moco Incorporated dba Please contact with specific questions related to reports.