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Choosing a Place to Call Home

Choosing your new place to live is important decision. Not only will this be the place you call home for an indefinite amount of time, but rent is the largest expense paid on a monthly basis by many households. The typical rent makes up approximately 18 - 30% of a family’s income. This is why it is so critical to become educated before leaping in. There are many laws in place that govern the landlord tenant relationship. Using common sense and good judgment are equally as important.

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What to Look for in a Rental
Before you even begin looking for your new home, there are some important things to consider. You should figure out a realistic budget and establish your needs. You also need to decide what area you want to live in. Plan what is important up front and then you can begin your search.

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Applying & Signing a Lease
Now that you have found the place you may eventually wish to call home there are some very important things to keep in mind. Just like preparing for any job interview, you need to be prepared! Your prospective new landlord is going to be interviewing you; you should be doing the same. Show up on time and be sure to bring all of the necessary documentation and information you are going to need to fill out an application with you. If you make it past the application and have the green light to move forward with a lease or rental agreement, make sure to take your time so you clearly understand all expectations. Don’t miss some of these important steps.