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For Landlords

RHA understands that managing your rental property is no easy task. Our website is one of the best resources we have available to help make your endeavor less daunting. The relationship between a rental property owner or manager and a tenant is a business relationship that evolves through three phases: before, during and end of tenancy. Each of these phases provides a different perspective on the landlord tenant relationship, and are just a few of the things that should be considered when managing your rental property. Find the answers to these questions and many others. RHA can help you with the necessary tools to help make your experience a successful one!

Before Tenancy addresses what you should do to prepare your vacant rental unit to be filled.

  • Think about what marketing strategies you will use to generate interest from prospective tenants.
  • How will you make your tenant selection process successful so that you may find the ideal tenant?
  • What type of lease agreement will you use and what you should know about the move in process.

During Tenancy focuses on what happens after you have filled your vacant unit.

  • What are your rights and what are your obligations as a rental property owner?
  • How do you serve notices and what are the required timelines?

End of Tenancy goes into what happens when it’s time to end the rental term.

  • How do you properly give notices?
  • When can you show the unit?
  • What do you do with the security deposit?

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For Tenants

Finding the right rental property and landlord takes time and energy but is well worth the investment. After all, once you move in and make the rental unit your home you’ll want to stay for a while. RHA wants your rental experience to be as pleasant as possible. To help make this happen, we encourage you to take advantage of our resources specifically geared for tenants.

There are many things to consider when undertaking the responsibility of renting a home. Having the right resources will help make your rental experience one that is positive.

Before You Rent reviews what you should be aware of when you are preparing to apply for a rental unit.

  • Do you need help knowing what to look for when searching for that perfect rental?
  • What should you expect when making application for a vacancy?

During Your Tenancy addresses what should know after you move in.

  • Find out what your rights and obligations are according to Washington State Landlord Tenant Law.
  • Learn how to handle a maintenance request.
  • Know how to properly care for your rental unit.

Vacating Your Unit targets what you need to know about the move-out process.

  • What is expected of you when returning the rental unit?
  • When should you expect to receive your security deposit?